December 27, 2017



Hermann J. Wiemer is regarded as one of the pioneers of viticulture and winemaking in the Finger Lakes.

As a native of Bernkastel, Germany who emigrated to the Finger Lakes in the 1960s, Hermann J. Wiemer was uniquely qualified to help establish and create a wine region now known for its Riesling identity. His mother’s family had been making wine in Germany’s Mosel Valley for more than 300 years. His father, a skilled nurseryman, had been in charge of the Agricultural Experiment Station in Bernkastel and was responsible for restoring vines in the Mosel region after WWII. As a result, he recognized the importance of grafting vinifera on American rootstock. Ultimately, this conviction led Hermann’s father to convince Dr. Thanisch – who maintained the most famous Riesling vineyard in the world – to graft Mosel Rieslings onto American rootstock.

Hermann’s first Riesling and Chardonnay vintages won Gold in New York competitions. Over the last thirty years, Hermann’s consistency and quality have earned the winery a reputation for being one the nation’s best white wine producers. In the 90s Saveur Magazine declared that “Hermann J. Wiemer produces the finest American grown Riesling”.

The team has continued with Hermann’s goal of bringing the winery to the world stage. The result is that the highest quality hand-crafted wines are now made for lovers of Rieslings across the US, and in other select markets worldwide. The winery has been recognized for the last 9 years as one of the world’s Top 100 Estates by Wine & Spirits Magazine; Wine Spectator listed the winery on the top 100 Wines in the world in 2010; and critics and  connoisseurs such as Robert Parker, Eric Asimov, Stuart Piggott, consistently mention Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard as the top Riesling producer in the US.

My first visit to finger lakes, on this beautiful day with my beloved friends who I admire a lot of love and respect, visited this beautiful winery HERMAN J WEIMER. I still remember that my mentor Mr. Andrew Bell recommended me to visit this winery and also helped me to get access to the winery. I am so much thankful for my mentor. We had the appointment at 2.00pm with the Oskar Bynke, when our name gets called and what we see inside I can't explain in words, I don't know what adjective to use I am running low on it, we had our own wine list were ready.He went through the list one by one what he will be pouring. We started the tasting with champagne. There was this Noble Select Riesling Josef Vineyard 2013 which I wanted to taste and finally, the dream came true, He bought this beautiful Ice Wine (finger lakes known for his ice wine) it was so amazing, me and my buddy completely blown away with it. It was one of the finest Icewine we tasted after a long time.


Hermann J. Wiemer wines will be available from Jan 2018 onwards. Contact Nicky for further information. 

Photo credits To Herman J Weimer vineyard.

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